We also make a variety of cookies. We have everyday cookies as well as specialty cookies, available daily or by special order.

Cookie Flavors

Oatmeal raisin
Chocolate chip
Redvelvet w/ White Chips

White chocolate macadamia
Iced sugar with sprinkles
Double chocolate- chocolate chunk
Gourmet oatmeal raisin walnut

12” Cookies can be special ordered in either chocolate chip or sugar and decorated to you specifications.


Peeper Cookies are a customer favorite. They are two sugar cookies filled with chocolate buttercream icing and given two eyes, the girls have a bow atop them and the boys have spiked hair.

Other items available are our delicious Brownies, they come in 2 sizes and are topped with powder sugar, fudge icing, plain, peanutbutter icing and mint icing. They are HIGHLY addictive!
And we also have a wide variety of specialty shortbread cookies.

Plus we create: Cannoli's, Eclairs, Cream Horns, Icing Shots, Boston Cream Pies, a variety of Sweet Loaf Breads, Macaroon Cookies, Meringue Cookies and Gluten Free Cupcakes; white and chocolate.